Thomas Friedman has a Message for You

Climate Justice Now

After the busy 4th of July, I just got around to reading Thomas Friedman’s column from June 30th on the House cap-and-trade energy bill. (Just Do It, NY Times 6/30/2009)

Friedman has a message for you, Class of 2013:

Attention all young Americans: your climate future is being decided right now in the cloakrooms of the Capitol, where the coal lobby holds huge sway. You want to make a difference? Then get out of Facebook and into somebody’s face.

First off, The people over at It’s Getting Hot in Here have some interesting things to say to Thomas Friedman on what the youth movement is really doing to combat climate change.

But really, what do you think of this and Friedman’s repeated claims in Hot, Flat and Crowded that is is your generation’s mess to fix? I mean, it seems like if the Baby Boomers caused (much of) it and the Gen Xers kept it going, shouldn’t they be the ones to take care of this?  Why should you “get out of Facebook” when they didn’t?

UPDATED:  It looks like lots of people have something to say about Friedman’s call to “get out of Facebook.” says:

Oh and to Friedman, We are calling you out too. When’s the last time you did a story on what People of Color in America are doing to Green our communities and fight Climate Change? Looks like we need to take this dude on a toxic tour ASAP.


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