44 Reads and Reacts

alg_reading_barack-obama_1While Professors Entman and Svoboda debate the way the media SHOULD be covering climate change, I’m just here to tell you that the media IS covering climate change…or at least they are covering that President Obama is reading Hot, Flat and Crowded.

In case you haven’t heard about the President’s reading list, you can read about it from the AP, Slate, NY Daily News, LA Times, and every other media outlet in the free world.

And if it is taking you a while to get through all of Friedman’s facts and stories, take heart.  President Obama said last year that Hot, Flat and Crowded was “on his nite stand,” so if you’ve only been at it a month you’re doing pretty well.

Do you think we can get the President to post his thoughts on Friedman here?  I think I’ll write and ask.  You guys feel free to do that same (and leave a comment if you do so we can know how many of us it took to make it happen).


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