Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

TABLE SETTINGAfter a careful reading of each and every one of the 300 reactions submitted to Dean Siegel, he announced the 28 freshmen he is inviting to a special dinner with he and a SPECIAL GUEST or two.  Congratulations to all of the freshmen listed below who have been chosen for this big honor.  You’d all better submit a blog post after the dinner so the rest of us can hear about this great evening!

And the winners are:
Sarah Cahlan
Jackson Cosko
Kevin Curtin
Kevin Dore
Christian Ewing
Jordan Frank
Christopher Bernal Garcia
Katie Giordano
Haley Hakimias
Richard Ingebretsen
Courtney Joline
Elyssa Kaplan
Min Kyn Kim
Cody Lee
Krista Mancini
Daniel Morales
Alissa Orlando
Kendra Poole
Preston  Reynolds
Samantha  Rogers
Alexander  Schaper
Michael  Schump
Yuxuan  Shen
Andrew Sherlock
Dena  Sholk
Maria Sy
Joyce Welborn
Rebekah Yurco


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  1. Will do. Hopefully it will be exciting, but no promises.

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