Let the Games Begin!

eco-wordpressToday guest poster,  Casey Pierzchala of GW’s Eco-Challenge Program, is here with an update.  Is your residence hall hot, flat and crowded?   How is your presence impacting GW?

GW Eco-Challenge Kicks Off Second Year-Long Competition!

According to the latest data gathered from the first series of GW Eco-Challenge competitions this year, the University is on track to reduce its residence hall water and electricity consumption.

The 2009-2010 school year marks the second year of this residence hall contest and already after the first of four periods of the competition per capita electric and water usage are down 6.6 percent (305,161 kilowatt hours) and 9.6 percent (2,656,431 gallons), respectively, compared to the same six-week period last year.

The Phi Sigma Sigma sorority housed at 2028 G St. is leading the competition and reduced its water consumption by 43 percent and electricity consumption by 25 percent per person. Guthridge and Hensley Halls follow closely behind.

“We are making good progress and are proud that our students have really taken the contest to heart,” said Nancy Giammatteo, GW director of planning and environmental management. “Let’s hope our current conservation habits set the tone for the rest of the school year. We want this year to be Eco-Challenge’s best yet!”

The Eco-Challenge competition began on Sept. 1, 2009, and is a joint effort pioneered by GW’s Planning and Environmental Management Office, Residential Property Management Office and GW Housing Programs. The George Washington University is committed to operating its programs and activities in ways that express its responsibilities as a pre-eminent institutional citizen of the nation’s capital. Follow GW’s sustainability efforts on Twitter or join the Facebook group: Sustainability at GW.


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